Energy usage graph

Why is my energy usage so out-of-date? We are now in October and yet my September usage is still based on misleading estimates, which I know from my own meter readings to be wholly false…can’t you speed up drawing these histograms?

Hi there @petelewisr they do take a while to update, once we’ve had corrected readings from you and issued a bill which uses them they should be taken into account within a few weeks. I’ll flag up to our tech team that yours is a bit slow, maybe it’s something they can look at

…a few weeks sounds very slow to me when computers can do these jobs in seconds! Don’t you have an algorithm to sort it out?

I’m guessing that the meter readings they use for the graph are actually a ‘monthly batch supply’ which comes from that ‘independent third party meter verification’ company. Makes sense to simplify things programmatically (get batch data, store batch data, generate graph from batch data: plus it means the ‘graph data’ is isolated from other data which can be good security and ‘knowledge’ practice), but does mean updates are slow. If Bulb used their own data, yes, the graph data would then have to ‘cross boundaries’ and access the billing system to extract the readings etc, but it’ll be more up to date… If Bulb had their own API which output meter readings (and the ‘customer read’/‘meter read’/‘estimate’ markers) we programmers could probably do fancy things like up to date graphs, fuel mix splits, comparisons to other providers to show how much you are saving, better predictions, recommendations etc etc… wishful thinking… But I guess with smart meter coming soon, that API integration may be redundant as half-hourly readings will be available directly from the meter.

TBH: I don’t really find the graphs that much use (if they were based on ‘energy units used’ instead of ‘£ spent’, it’ll help comparing things before and after price changes)

...a few weeks sounds very slow to me when computers can do these jobs in seconds! Don't you have an algorithm to sort it out?

Personally I have no need for the graphs I use a simple spreadsheet which is updated each time I receive my monthly statements. The spreadsheet shows past energy usage in kWh which I use to easily calculate my future usage in £’s using any tariff changes and works out my ideal monthly direct debit.

I think you would be capable of doing something very similar which means you would have instantaneous access to your energy usage both for past actual usage and future estimated.usage.

so why don’t Bulb do it for me and many others?

so why don't Bulb do it for me and many others?

No idea, but from my experience the actual charts don’t line up with my actual statements. What use do you make of the charts since I can’t really see their use in £ terms, it it was in kWh perhaps I would find this more useful?

so why don't Bulb do it for me and many others?
I would reckon because we all have different requirements, Although Allanr, me and a few others have similar requirements on what we do with our spreadsheets, the layouts are suited to our individual needs, In other words if Bulb did do one then it would still have individuals wanting changes to suit their individual requirements. Spreadsheets can become very personal in terms of what you do with the information and the visual appearance.