Energy Usage - no longer viewable in account

Joined Bulb in March 2019 with Smets1 meters. Electricity upgraded to Smets2 single phase meter in July 2019

Up to very recently I could view my electricity usage and my gas usage based on estimates and actual readings in my Energy usage graph. That graph now no longer works - Why?

Nothing has changed on my account. Can someone please explain

Hi @Vanessa_F, I’m looking into this with my Smart team to see what the situation is here. I’ll get back in touch with you once I’ve got a bit more information for you :blush:

I would appreciate this Lou as I was wondering whether this might have anything to do with a CSA named Raheeb contacting me to advise me that you would be taking Economy 7 readings from meters that are not supposed to have Economy 7 rates on them. He quite obviously did not know what he was talking about because I am on Single Phase meters and I am still waiting for him to come back to confirm that NO Economy 7 will be charged

Hi @Vanessa_F, I can confirm to you that we will be billing you on a single rate, not a 2-rate agreement as you were previously.

I’m just trying to work this all through on your account and I will let you know once I’m done :v: