Energy Usage Page - actually shows financial spend

Can we have the Energy Usage page actually show us our energy usage, please?

With the rapidly rising energy costs the graph is now meaningless with regards showing us how much energy we are using, it just shows us the costs, i.e. consumption units * cost per unit. Whilst we have a degree of control over our consumption it is clear that we’ve lost all control over the cost/unit charged.

The existing graph may be liked by some, but the future month’s columns will be replaced by taller columns as the month comes round, just because of the rising cost of electricity.

Can we have the Energy Usage page actually show us our energy usage, please?

Agreed. This has been discussed previously but I can’t readily locate the thread.

Yes, but not quite yet, seems to be Bulb’s favourite answer.

I suggest you keep your own record. I keep monthly readings in a spreadsheet. I know that’s a bit serious, but I like to be in control. You can also continue if you switch supplier.
I agree with your comments though.

Yes, but not quite yet, seems to be Bulb's favourite answer.

You are right in that we’re currently working on it.

Our design team are well on the way to finishing a new energy usage page. The first one to be released will be for those on our smart tariff. We’ll then revamp the usage graphs for non-smart usage so we have a unified design.


The future predicted costs will be higher in the next few months as more energy is used during the winter. But you’re right that it changes when the unit rates go up or down. Which does make it appear that you’ll be using more energy when you are not.

I’ve passed your comments on to the design team about making a graph that includes units of energy used. After all, this will encourage our members to reduce their consumption.

It’s been suggested previously that we add the ‘average’ consumption or ‘previous year’s’ consumption to the graph so members can monitor whether they are reducing their usage over time. What do you think to this?