Energy Usage Profiling

Hey Bulb,
Do you think you would be able to publish average energy usage figures based on customer profiles?

I imagine most people would be quite happy to provide a household profile (e.g. how many adults and children live there, how many bedrooms and type of property etc, maybe even if they have an electric car).
Then you could work out what the average usage costs are for different profiles, e.g. a Family in a 3 bedroom terrace vs a couple in a flat or a single adult in a detached.

To help people reduce energy use, knowing what people in similar situations use would be really useful.
It is one thing competing with yourself but if you can compete with everyone else to keep below average (or atleast get closer) that is even better.

At the very least it would allow people to see if they have significantly different usage compared to others.
And using real life usage data rather than Ofgem’s very basic ones would be much more interesting.

The end result I would love to see if on the monthly statements you would be able to to say, ‘You were in the lowest 10% of energy users this month’ or something similar.
This would require the smart meters and people to be honest and update their household profile for any changes but would be great for energy conscious people.


Hi Paul, that’s actually a fascinating idea, and one that we’ll definitely look into in more detail. I personally would love to know how I compare to other people in my current living conditions, I’m sure our gas usage must be below average but it would be really interesting to see some numbers. I can’t make any promises, but you never know, we might be able to put something along those lines together. Watch this space!

I really like this idea, it would be useful to also include EVs in the survey as well. Obviously someone with an electric car is going to use a lot more than someone without one.

Having changed to a GSHP from an LPG condensing boiler for our central heating last December our figures would be very difficult to compare.

Thanks David, looking forward to see what you come up with!

Katherine, glad someone else also thinks it would be good.

Linesrg, you may have slightly more limited comparisons for you but I guess if the ‘profile’ includes what type of heating source you have, you would still get comparisons to people with a GSHP as well.

In fact I think that is an important point, given that a GSHP and solar panels etc would skew results so the profile would need to include all of the high impact conditions for energy source and use (including EV’s), so not just the property/occupant profiling that would be needed.

If this is taken on board (which would be good) I would suggest it requires to be regionalised as for example a 3 bed semi in Scotland compared to a 3 bed semi in the south of England would have significant differences due to weather fluctuations and average temperatures.

I would also add although it would start to get complicated is that sq meter house size would be a more accurate comparison as there are small 3 beds and large 3 bed houses. :slight_smile: