Energy usage screen changed

When I go on the app I no longer see my daily energy usage graph like I used to be able to see.
I have attached a screenshot.

Yes, I have noticed the same.

Are you on the Charging point trial ? I wondered if it was to do with that being (finally) configured.

Yes, I’m on the trial. Are we allowed to discuss it? Shouldn’t there be a dedicated section where people on the trial can talk about it?

Bulb is this something you can sort?

@Campbell_at_Bulb could the people on the trial have a section to talk about it?

I thought there was.

I’m on about the actual charging trial not the tariff

Same for me (I am on the trial for the charger and on the tariff). As the date of install and change of tariff were so close I am not sure if it was one or the other. It’s not really a hardship at the moment. I’ve only the other day asked about a forum/community section to discuss it, apparently it’s coming!

I’m charging using the car schedule at the moment to make the most of the cheaper rate but it is a pain having to change the calendar in the car(s) if we are having a splash and dash while out and about.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know we’re working on creating a dedicated community group for members on our smart charging trial. You should all receive an invite to the new group soon.

In the meantime, if you’ve got any questions please get in touch at

@PoweredByVeg I’ve also just sent you an email about the app.

Thanks for your patience so far.