Energy usage stats in Bulb account from smart meter

The energy usage in £s and p is always wrong in my bulb account for gas from my smart meter. Electric seems ok.

I don’t think my bills are wrong but the data in the account is always wrong and it’s annoying as this is one of the features of a smart meter.

Every day for gas it is wrong. I can spend £0.60p on gas in a day and it’ll say 0.26p or 0.27p then a few days later it’ll say £1.11 (when I haven’t spent £1.11) almost to make up for the discrepancy. It’s always £1.11 too when they catch up. There have been some days where no gas is used (been away) so 0.26p is right but every day I use gas it is wrong.

Is this right? Or does this need looking into. Tried to live chat but no one seems to be available frequently.

The answer you’d get is that the energy stats are still in beta so contain errors. Can’t see that changing any time soon.

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My readings are the same as yours, a small amount then a random large one. I was completely baffled and contacted bulb last year.

According to bulb what’s happening is the small figure (27p) is just the daily standing charge and the large figure (£1.11) is shown when the meter registers 1 complete unit of gas has been used.

If you used a small amount for example 00134.67 to 00134.83 it would only display the smaller standing charge 27p figure.

If on the next day your reading went from 00134.83 to 00135.13 even though it a small amount of gas it would show the £1.11 figure because it registered 1 complete unit had been used. So you’re kind of correct when you said it’s playing catch-up.

Hope this makes sense.

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That makes absolutely perfect sense. Thanks for that. I think that is what’s happening even though it makes the account data a bit disappointing. We hardly use any gas, especially at this time of year. I just didn’t want them to come back in two years saying they had billed me incorrectly. Will keep an eye on the in home display and what my next bill is. Thanks again

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I’ve noticed the same thing. For the previous 10 days my usage chart on the website shows a flat line of £1.11 per day. I reckon that this represents one meter unit usage per day plus the standing charge.


Correct. But technically you’ve used anything over 1 but under 2 units in a day.

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Well, as its been showing a unit a day for 10 days straight I must be using pretty close to 1.0 meter units a day. I guess there will be a catch-up day eventually with either no units, or 2 units, to true-up the cumulative position.


The gas usage has stopped updating altogether now on the bulb dashboard since 20th April. Not bowled over by the smart meter so far. Electric seems fine though

Hi @500chrisjones :wave:t4:

As @norman7115 correctly mentioned The only true way to calculate your usage is to take readings from the meter itself. This is how we issue your statement. So the IHD is simply there as a guide, and the usage charts on your account aren’t designed to be live and are still in beta mode.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Hi Suki

Thanks for the reply. Are there plans in place to improve this data for the user?

At the moment I don’t have any gas stats in the app/website, not even a guide so it’s gone even worse since I started this thread. But the whole tracking of the usage was the main selling point of a smart meter to me so it’s a bit disappointing overall.

I suppose as long as it’s right at the end of the month then that’s something.


I’ve found that the SmartThings app gives better visibility and accuracy of electric and gas use, compared to the bulb website. Allows us to see gas use in half hour segments - I was stunned at the gas used by our combi boiler when someone takes a shower!

Search in this forum for SmartThings, or google SmartThings Energy.