Energy usage to show more data

It’d be really useful if the Energy Usage page allowed you to scroll to the left of the graph to view usage over a longer period. It’s more annoying to me to have the blank estimates on the right, compared to not having much actual usage data on the left. For example I can’t compre two months usage over two consecutive years. I could scroll down the page to and manually calculate the difference, but even that data only goes back 12 months.

Also, make this part of the mobile app, then I wouldn’t need to log into the desktop browser version of the site at all!

Also your form validation is broken (community sign up page) it says twice a “password is required” when there is no password input present, and if I can’t have a duplicate user name and you know the username is taken then don’t let me submit the form in the first place!

I completely agree, the energy usage looks great, but why not have it in the app? That’s where I’m planning 9n doing the vast majority of my energy management, and it feels a little toothless at the moment

Just log your meter readings in your own local spreadsheet at the same time you submit them to the supplier. That way you have all your information locally, it’s not lost when you switch supplier, and you’re not reliant on someone else plotting the data and making the calculations you want.


We’re looking into the energy usage section as something we’re going to be able to massively improve with Smart Meters as the data will be a lot more useful. It’s a little bit of guesswork with reads not always coming every month, so watch that space over the next 6 months.

I’m sorry about the community validation error, we’re also looking bringing a lot of the community management in house, but I agree it can be tricky sometimes to get a username sorted on here!