Energy use dashboard not working

Anyone else having a problem with the energy use dashboard at the moment?

Mine hasn’t been displaying energy use since 30th July.

I phoned Bulb and they said it was just a temporary issue with my account and it will be fixed. They said they are still getting readings from my smart meter.

Anyone else have the same problem?

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Hi @ingenieur :wave:

As my colleague mentioned, we are still getting the smart readings on a half-hourly basis. Is this issue on the app or the desktop version of your Bulb Account? The Bulb Account will show the monthly view, while the app should show weekly/daily.

It might be worth resetting the graphs. If you:

  • Close and re-open the app
  • Make sure the app is updated to the latest version (uninstall and reinstall if needed)

Cara :bulb:

Nope, it’s always the same wherever I access it from. I have several computers and a mobile phone. As it’s showing half of last month still on the screen it’s clearly an issue of data passing from the smart meter to the website. Not a problem which can be blamed on the customer.

Hi @ingenieur, we’re not blaming you! Just trying to work out what the cause might be as there are a number of things to check out :blush:

I can see they’ve been reset to half hourly again today (Aug 11th) so hopefully this will help. If it’s not updated by the end of the week let us know and we’ll pass this on to the relevant team to take a deeper look :mag:

I’ve been with bulb since April and am very happy in general, unfortunately since 1st August the app isn’t displaying any usage! I’m very conscientious about monitoring my usage and it’s driving me mad.

I tried online chat and received instructions to reset my IHD, I don’t have an IHD!

Hey @Lin
I’ve moved your comment here as I’ve noticed you seem to be experiencing a similar issue to @ingenieur

We’re also getting readings from you so this may be a technical issue on our end :thinking: Can you let us know like the above if its not working by the end of the week and we’ll chase this up for you as well :blush:

Bit of a coincidence isn’t it that another customer is reporting the same issue occurring at the same time?

@ingenieur if multiple members have the same issue it would likely be a tech bug! If that is the case then it will be a temporary issue our team will be working on fixing :blush:

I can’t even log in on my online and app bulb account. It has been on “Maintenance” since a couple of weeks ago.

Hi @ramadi - welcome to Community :wave:

Sorry you’ve had an issue getting into your account. I’ve just updated it so you should now be able to access it :+1:

Let me know how you get on,

The app is still not showing useage, 12 days now!

Hi @Lin :wave:

I’m sorry that you’re still not able to view your usage in your account. We’re receiving regular smart readings so it’s not like there’s an issue there. I think the issue is more to do with your Bulb account, so I’ve got this raised with our tech team. As soon as I have an update from them I’ll let you.

All the best,

Thanks, I really love keeping the bills in control with the app, I don’t have an IHD , is it possible to get one?

Yeah I can fully appreciate that @Lin, that’s one of the benefits of having a smart meter - you can manage your usage better!

It’s been escalated to our smart team instead of the tech team as it looks like the readings have stopped coming through on the 1st August, even though it’s set up to send readings through every half an hour. So once I hear from the smart team I’ll let you know :+1:

I’m afraid as we didn’t install the smart meter we wouldn’t be able to send out an IHD, as it would have needed to be connected to the network and meters on the install. So if we did send one out it wouldn’t work. Did you not get an IHD from SSE?

All the best,

Yes but it never worked properly . That’s why I love the app. I submitted an annual reading on 5th Aug.

Just looked at the app again, it looks like the gas readings stopped part way through last mont as it’s averaged the charge.

So I’ve got an update from the smart team @Lin, and they advised that the connectivity seems fine which is good.

Your readings were set to come through every half an hour, but I’ve had to reset this. So we’ll check back in 5 days, and by then the readings should have started to come through again. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime :slightly_smiling_face:

All the best,

I have same issue, App stopped being updated around 06:30am on Monday 9th August - before then usually next day updates. Tried deleting, reloading, different phone, resetting read frequency etc.
Spoke to the helpline on chat and told can take 9 says for reading to update on App - but pointless having 1/2 hour or daily readings in that case!

Hi @Richard79 - welcome to Community :wave:

I’m sorry that you’re having issues with your usage not being displayed in your app. It sounds like yours is a similar issue to Lin’s, as your meter is still connected to the network.

I can see that today you reset the readings to come through every half an hour. This is the fix that the smart team have advised, so if we check back in 5 days the readings should start coming through regularly and then updating in your app.

If you notice that there’s been no change, please let me know on here :slightly_smiling_face:

All the best,

Hi, now 16th August and still no usage showing on the app.