Energy use dashboard not working

Hi @Lin

So we’re now seeing the usage for August in your Bulb account when viewing on a laptop/ desktop.

Could you confirm what you can see your end when looking at your account on both the app and online?

– Meg :bulb:

I use the app on my android phone and on my iPad only, nothing is showing on that.

If I log in on the website I can see a total August but not a daily /weekly breakdown which is what I used to have.


hi @Lin, I’ve chased this up with our Smart team again today, as I can see that this issue is still persisting, so it seems like there’s something going on under the hood that’s stopping these graphs from generating. We appreciate your patience while we continue to work on this!

Lou :sparkles:

10th September, still nothing.

Getting fed up now!

Yes. Mine hasn’t worked since May. I’ve done all the resets and had an online chat. They said they would fix but that was 6 weeks ago. No joy. Don’t know what else to try.

mine still isn’t working despite being told on a number of occasions that something is being done.

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Still not working, please sort this out!

Ditto. Ours hasn’t ever updated correctly.

Currently it is set to daily and it is submitting either every 8ish or 15ish days.

Still waiting for a support response. :frowning:

still not working here either

Hi @Lin, @peter.d.g.alexander, @ingenieur and @jjtw,

Thanks for chasing up on this. I’m very sorry that this hasn’t fixed yet.

The energy use dashboard is in its trial stages, and this message should be coming up in your Bulb app. This is something that we are continually working on and we are rolling out fixes.

The alternative in the meantime is to use the desktop version of the Bulb account, which should still give you data.

Please bear with us as we work to improve the data available in the Bulb account.

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb:

I only use the desktop website and it isn’t working. Not interested in the ‘app’

Hi @ingenieur

The use dashboard is a dashboard available in the app and desktop but sadly the bugs can affect both. As my colleagues have mentioned above, were aware of these things and will roll out fixes as they come.

If you’re concerned about monthly use, your smart meter monitor (IHD) should show what you use daily as well as the bills giving a good indication as we bill to smart meter readings :blush:

H :bulb:

Hi still not showing my usage on my I phone

We’re still not getting consistent readings however. Just sporadic 8 or 16 days and anything in between.

Would be good if daily was daily.

Hi Megan,
You were quick to respond to my comment. I sent the requested information but now, weeks later, not a dickie bird about my replacement meter.
Maybe the only way to get things done is to post publicly for anything to get done?