Energy use dashboard not working

Hello Bulb
Any news/progress on reconnecting my meters to the network? I originally posted on 18th Aug, and you acknowledged my message on 3rd September and I’m still in the position of supply manual meter readings,
Also has anyone on this forum been reconnected?

Hi @shenry :wave:

We tried a comms hub reboot on your meter. The comms hub is a device that allows us to communicate with your smart meters. It sits on top of a smart electricity meter.

If Bulb is unable to communicate with the comms hub, the smart meters won’t function properly.

Unfortunately, your reboot has not been successful at this time. Every area has a smart network operator that works on solutions to connectivity issues like this. As soon as they’ve found a fix, your meters will update automatically, and they’ll start sending your meter readings again. For now you will need to submit manual readings to your account.

Please let me know if you have any more questions about this,

– KT :bulb:

Hi @Balmoral

I have raised this with our smart team and they advise that we wait 2-3 weeks from when you changed it to half-hourly. This is because we need to wait for enough data to load through to get the graphs updated on the account.

If you are having issues after this then please let me know,

–KT :bulb: