Energy use up 50% with Bulb?

Not really had a good explanation from Bulb about why my energy usage is 50% more with them than with previous supplier, and its not about estimated readings. Estimates now for my house with just 2 people are 30% of my pension, and I rarely have heating on, and its been hottest summer for years! The only advice I got was turn everything off and see if meter is moving, which is pathetic. It doesn’t do anything if the meter calibration is out!! Very disappointed.

Hi @Jakob,

Have you actually been providing meter readings or just relying on estimates? If just estimates, the bill is most certainly wrong (as it is an estimate) and it’ll either be based on ‘typical usage data’ you selected during signup or historical usage data from your old supplier.

If you have been providing meter readings and the meter usage (not the billing amount) is higher per month/quarter than your previous bill, then there’s not really Bulb’s problem - as your house is, for some reason, using more power than it was. The only caveat to this is if the meter is faulty (outside the +2.5% to -3.5% allowed OFGEM limits: note that they are allowed to ‘underreport’ usage more than over report so it is in the customers favour).

If you believe the meter to be faulty, Bulb can (and must under the regulations - see ) send out an engineer to remove your old meter and install a new one - however, the old meter will be sent for testing and if it is found to ‘test ok’ (i.e. without fault and within the limits), you will be charged for the engineer/testing time - hence why Bulb really really want you to go through basic checks (such as turning things off and checking meter readings) before hand.

It is quite easy to just leave something on which eats away power (for example: leaving a garage/shed/loft light on and, since ‘it’s not used that often’, it’s an old energy inefficient lightbulb and it’s been left on a while now… not that I’ve done that myself honest guv’nor!) and double checking everything might highlight the problem.

If the meter usage figure are roughly in line with your previous supplier and it’s just your bills are higher, then you probably had a really good deal with your previous supplier and perhaps should not have switched to Bulb (I don’t know you were receiving the Warm Home discount - - or other discounts from your previous supplier which you aren’t from Bulb).

2.5% is still a quite high margin of error. Some people switch to try and save £50 a year, they did just be wasting that anyway with a bad meter.

True, but if their meter is that inaccurate it’ll be inaccurate for all suppliers.

Heya @Jakob.

You gave us meter readings on November 2nd 2018. We hadn’t had a reading from you since October 10th 2017. Between these two meter readings, we had been using estimates. Estimates are industry standards that we are required to use when we don’t receive readings. These were a little lower than your actual usage.

So, when you updated us with your reading, your bill would have seemed high.

We can arrange an engineer to test the meter. 95% of the time, the test shows the meter is working properly. If the meter is working properly we’ll have to charge you for the visit, around £140. So we try and only do this if we’re fairly certain there’s a fault.

@Eleanor at Bulb

Meter reading on November 2nd 2018?

@Eleanor at Bulb

Meter reading on November 2nd 2018?

=) . I also am impressed by the technology that has achieved that.

I provide monthly readings. But I’m 46 and perhaps it is easier for me to read my meters than others.

Whoops. I meant September 2nd. :#