Energy useage - further detail

Rather than list just the submitted readings, can the website also give the actual useage numbers too. It would make seeing the fluctuations per month easier. Also the graph of useage only shows the current calendar year, whereas it would be really useful to be able to compare useage over a number of years.

Could this be done?

Hey @djdj, it’s been a while- nice to see you back!

This is an interesting idea, it could be cool to see it over previous years as you said to compare. We can definitely relay this feedback to our App developers and Bulb Account team.

Do you mean the use in kWh each month as well as just total cost in £ per month?

It’d be good to get more detail

kWh per month total and also day and night

This would help customers possibly change their timing of heating and heavy use devices and compare year to year useage (as the cost per kWh fluctuates)

Hi @djdj :wave:

This sounds like a great idea, thank you. I’m going to raise this with the team :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have any other feedback, please let us know- we really appreciate it!

Cara :bulb: