Energy Useage Graph

My graph only shows from April 2018 but I would like to see the energy useage from last winter too. Is this possible? I am assuming the greyed out part of the graph for this coming winter are just estimates of what I might use.

This is something Bulb is looking at according to this previous posting: .

The greyed out months are estimates or in their terminology “projected” of what you will use for the remaing part of the 12 month period.

Hi @SaraB - What Allanr said - we’re working on getting this out, because we think it would be super helpful.

hi is there any update on when this data will become available?

I would also like to see a graph showing my usage over time so there is easy visualisation to see whether you are using more or not.

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This requirement is still stuck at status “In Progress” according to Bulb’s Open Roadmap at: which apparently hasn’t been updated since 12 July 2019 although it was mentioned on this forum it would be updated monthly.

A number of us (I’m an ex Bulb customer) retain their own spreadsheet of energy usage, this is something I have done for a number of years.

Two and a half years later, are we there yet?