Engineer appointment times

We had an engineer appointment booked for this afternoon. Just wondering if anyone knows what time that slot finishes, as it’s now nearly 19:00 and we’re still waiting. Not too happy - husband took the afternoon off work.

At one point, someone mentioned there was also an evening slot, but I asked for the afternoon. We’re waiting to go away for the weekend, so I’m wondering if there was a mix up or if we can start travelling now.

Thanks for any replies.

Phone them or email

0300 30 30 635 -

Thanks, but tried that - there’s no one available after 18:00.

Hi @samc - really sorry for the confusion with this!

@leonard7077 (thanks for helping us out!) was right that the best thing to do is call or email, but we do only work until 6pm on Fridays, which is why we haven’t seen this until now.

We’ve just been talking to our metering partners and it seems the engineer was delayed at a previous job and so wasn’t able to get to your house on time. Apologies again for not keeping you up to date on this - we weren’t told either, so as far as we knew, the job was still going ahead.

We’ve just added £30 credit to your account by way of apology, and I’ll send you an email in a moment so that we can get your meter job done asap :slight_smile:

Thanks @sam_c.

Unfortunately, on Friday we had another appointment 8-12, but another no show. That means we’re still being metered at peak rate all of the time.