Entered meter reading by error

My daughter was fiddling on the computer and look like she entered a meter reading (whilst her dad had bulb website open on pc).
Our electricity meter is broken and bulb are aware of this and have us on the list for a new one.
We are very worried because now looks like the usage is over a thousand pounds!! but it’s all a mistake!
I have emailed bulb explaining this but they havent replied to my email and very worried about the situation.
Any ideas pls on what to do?
thanks everyone

Meter readings do not produce bills that you then have to pay. The bills are for info only. If you’re not due a bill just yet, submit another, correct reading. You’ve got time to get this resolved, so don’t panic. Ultimately, if submitting another reading doesn’t stop a DD increase and you can’t get it changed, cancel the DD and then tell them why. The web chat is far better than email. Are you sure the reading was actually submitted? You can check this in your account.

Hi @benimane2,

Not to worry - I’ve removed that reading from your account now! If you want to get a new meter, it looks like you might be eligible for a smart meter installation. Follow this link to find out more, and let me know if you have any questions.