Entering meter reading

I’ve been asked to enter a meter reading but I’m not offered that option on the app.

How do I do this?

Hi @PhilSee,

Is this for a direct-debit (credit) or top-up key/card (prepayment) account? Is this your first meter reading you’ve supplied?

Would it be possible to just try the mobile-compatible website at https://account.bulb.co.uk instead of the app (if not, what type of phone - Android Google Nexus 6/Android Samsung 9/Apple iPhone 3 are you using)?

Hi @PhilSee,

If you have been fitted with a second generation smart meter and have just switched to Bulb we get told that you have one. This means we can take readings from this meter automatically. However we do need confirmation from you that we can take readings from the meter. If you’re happy for Bulb to take readings just let us know and we can arrange it. If you’d rather submit meter readings we can do that too.

If you don’t have a second generation smart meter you should be able to submit them online and on the app like @RichyB just explained.

I’ve sent you a private message just to make sure that your account is looking good. :slight_smile: