Entering meter readings online

I’ve entered meter readings for the first time in my online account and nothing seems to happen, they dont appear when i reload the page or revisit the page etc…when i revisit the page and enter them again it says they’ve already been entered…

I did the same just after midnight. check again later it takes a day to catch up usually.
I have always found that my statement is ready to download within two days and are always correct and match my own monthly calculation on my spreadsheet.

Hi @oneill1200, as @jt_jenkins said, these meter readings don’t necessarily show up straightaway, as they can take some time to validate, especially around the end of the month when many of our members are submitting meter readings for their bills to be generated on the 1st of the month.

However, if you do find it that you submit these readings and they aren’t used in your statement, do let us know so we can look into this for you.