EON 2 Bulb - Bulb Cannot Read the Smart Reader

Hi all,

In our building all the apartments have a smart reader, unfortunately no one (besides who manage the infrastructure) has access to it directly, our previous supplier EON was able to automatically grab the value and keep our account auto updated, Bulb seems is not able to do so (read from our smart reader) and in my account suggest we supply a reading at least every 3 months, if Bulb cannot read from our smart reader we have no solution but to ask management to provide us one… which is not ideal…

I already sent an email / message to Bulb support and got no reply whatsoever, the online chat is always busy and redirecting to messages…

Why Bulb cannot do what EON could ?!


It’s a long story, and very common for existing smart meters to “go dumb” when switching supplier. I’d suggest Googling “SMETS1 SMETS2 differences” and go from there.

Whilst not ideal, there must be a mechanism in place for manually reading your meters. This is, after all, what had no choice to be done before smart meters became a thing.


Thanks for your reply.

Before smart reader become a thing we had direct access to the meter reader… now the new buildings seem to place them in an inaccessible room… which is not very transparent at all…

I see that with Bulb every month I need to ask someone from management to go there and check it out… I may consider returning to EON if this persist…