eon issues

hi we are with eon at the moment and pay 92 pound per month for the past 4 years with no issue, even had credit, they changed our metre over to a day and night system october2017 and have just billed us for 14 months, they were still taking 92 pound per month as credit anyway, so that plus 70 odd pound in credit we had was used to pay the bill, but they have charged us 882 pound extra on top of that, lookes like we have used 2200 pound in the last 14 months, that cant be right, called customer service cant get an answer at all they keep shrugging it off anyway just found Bulb and looke good and would like to swith.but need help resolving this situation and as they are very incoopataive dont know what to do.

You cant really tell from the amount if it is excessive or not as there have been huge increases during 2018 and also your usage may have gone up. what you need is the kWh usage over that period and you should be able to work it out if correct or not.
Can you download statements for that period?

Hi @treadsoftlybulb

Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear about that shock bill, it must have been a bit startling.

Without having the details of the bill from Eon, it is difficult to know exactly what has happened here.

Just so I fully understand, could you clarify what happened? You were paying £92 each month to Eon. In October 2017, your tariff and meter switched to an economy 7 rate (day/night). You didn’t get a bill for 14 months, but when you did get one, you owed them an extra £882?

You’ve done the right thing in having a browse around the market for energy suppliers. And we’d love you to become a Bulb member.

The first thing to do is to compare our tariff with other energy companies. You can find our tariff details for your area by heading to our website.

Make sure to tick ‘I have an economy 7 meter’. This will show you what our day and night rates are and the standing charge.

You can get a quote on our website also. If you know how much energy you use annually, this would be handy so we can get the most accurate quote for you.

We also send member’s bills monthly showing your account balance, and have a handy Bulb account. By logging into your account, you can also see a recommended payment amount and update your payments if you think they should change.