Erratic bill for March to April

I have had a bill for £110 which I know very well isn’t accurate. I have tried to chat with CS but all I I bei g told is,bills go high in winter months. March 28 till April 27 can’t be classified as a winter month. Even then, during the winter months,my highest bill was £94 . Why will I then be charged this exorbitant bill when the weather had been good and required no heating. I need someone to explain this.

Hi @BeautybyEni :smile:

It looks like we receive smart meter readings from both you gas and electricity meter automatically. This means we get sent the readings straight from the meter that is recording your use as it happens.

The bulk of that £110 bill comes from the gas, which shows you used 177 units in a month which seems higher than normal- has anything changed recently?

There are many reasons why your meter might produce unexpectedly high or low readings:

  • User error in reading the meter

  • Previous underestimation of energy consumption making the actual reading look relatively large or small

  • Particularly cold or mild seasonal weather leading to use of more or less energy than normal

  • Changes in circumstance (eg illness, new baby, working at home etc)

  • Faulty appliances using more energy than it should (a trace test which can be carried out by an electrician would show this)

  • Changing types of appliance (ie moving from gas to electricity or vice versa)

If you believe none of the above apply to you, all you need to do is to take a photo of your meter reading, turn the electricity off at the fuse box, and then take another photo at least 30 minutes later. The reading shouldn’t have changed over that period. If it has, there could be something wrong with your meter.

If this is the case, let us know and we’ll do some more digging!

– H :bulb: