Erroneous transfer

I recently received an email from the Bulb team that my account with them is closing due to a requested transfer to another energy supplier, that I have never authorised. After raising this matter with the team, it was advised that I contact the other energy supplier myself to stop the transfer from happening. I had no indication at all who the supplier could be until a “welcome pack” was sent in the post to my home from npower - with a slightly different line in the address and with a different account holder name. I could only surmise that this issue was caused by npower, mixing up my address and supply with the other person’s details, as our addresses are fairly similar. After contacting npower via live chat they did acknowledge this as an erroneous transfer, but as I am not the account holder they’ve told me that they cannot take any action. Instead they have told me to go back to my current supplier (Bulb) to take back the supply, stating “All suppliers can raise the erroneous transfer supply take back from their end”. My concern here is that I’m now having to go backwards and forwards to correct a problem that wasn’t even caused by me! Now that I’m at this point, I need to know what can be done to put things back to normal - keeping my energy supply with Bulb, without potential disruption. I also don’t want to have to intervene directly in this matter, taking up more of my time to sort out. I would be very grateful for any assistance that anyone can provide with this issue. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @Dyl_Bas77. Thanks for getting in contact. I can see that Elliott has let NPower know that you don’t want to switch.

Both Bulb and NPower should have raised the erroneous transfer when you contacted each of us first time around. I’m sorry that was not done and took up more of your time than it should have.

An erroneous transaction is likely to be caused by either a neighbour accidentally selecting your supply when they sign up or the national database being up to date.