Error d4 pre pay meter

Hi, I signed up to bulb about 3-4 weeks ago after moving into new flat, got the top up electricity key (no gas in this flat yay) but when I put the key in the meter it says “error-d4” and so cannot end my rip off Britsh Gas service… I checked bulb help and they say contact bulb possibly for a code of some kind so I emailed bulb about 8 days ago and have had no response other than an automated reply that didnt help. looking down this forum i see lots of similiar customer no service issues. Have i made a mistake choosing bulb? How do you get past error d4? Could it be the meter dropped into emergency credit and this needs clearing first? Its getting cold I need to fix this and get cheaper energy i signed up for with bulb.

I received an email response about 1 minute after posting this now i have to call bulb as bulb dont have any phones to call out lol. Bulb get some staff hired and some phones connected because your fire fighting and the whiff of failure is lingering i feel sorry for the customer service staff you do have. I think i may cancel my switch lets see how long it takes for you to answer the phone…

You say i need to call you to get a 8 digit tag code, what info do i need at hand as not in front of the electric meter presently do i need any serials or anything from it to proceed BEFORE I CALL?

Hi @jk369,

We’ll need the serial number on the front of the meter so that we can ensure your key is synced correctly.

We strongly recommend giving us a call in situations where you could go off supply, as it allows us to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Let us know how that goes.