Errord2? after 1 hour at post office

ok so after waiting till middle of march to be told no eligible for the WHD via BULB, Plymouth C.A.B office kicked yer bums and guess what…yes i am eligible ,shocker not really as i knew i was. After informing bulb i have no post office or printer in the village i live i got a email with a voucher, nice costumer service skills, spent £ 5 ON BUS TO NEXT VILLAGE TO USE THEIR POST OFFICE ONLY TO GET HOME AND NOW FACE A ERROER D2 CODE, I am now down to £10 on the meter and a useless key i need some proper help any chance please

Hey @srpayne.sp :wave:

It looks like although the WHD was unsuccessful as the evidence provided didn’t meet the eligibility criteria for that, you may have been eligible for our Bulb Energy Fund- a different scheme but its still a payment of £140.

If you have an error D2 you’ll need a tag code to reset your key. I’ve sent you an email about it!

– H :bulb: