Estimate not even close to usage problem

Hi, I have only been a Bulb user for a few months but today got the shock of my life (no pun intended) my usual usage is around £35 for gas and electric, I have a 1 bed new build home, with 5 rooms, today I got a bill of estimated usage for £96!! I have the heating on for 3 hours tops maybe 12 days of the week set at 18c.

Anyway took a reading last month and Bulb ask for readings every 3 months, so I thought they should be fairly accurate, well my gas after I took a reading today has gone from approx 106 upto 260ish, actual reading today was 142, more than 150% more than my total use over 4 months, so they took out a payment which wiped any credit I had leaving me in Debit of £20 or so.

Will I be returned any credit once they rectify the readings? just moved into this home in July and things are tight enough as it is without this to worry about.

It’s a common problem for estimates to vary between wildly under and wildly over.

Whilst Bulb do suggest a reading every 3 months, the simple fact is they bill monthly and therefore require monthly readings. This has been pointed out to them many many times but nothing ever changes in the wording of emails or the website.

Next month, 1-2 days before you statement is due, submit your meter readings. You’ll get a bill that looks artificially small due to your big bill this month. It’ll sort itself out. Doesn’t make it any less annoying of course.

Edit to add: Also, I wouldn’t wait until next month. Submit a reading today. Your statement with the estimate wont be changed or corrected, but submit the reading anyway.

Thank you, I took a reading today straight away and sent it through the website, I expect I need to add funds to my account now for the arrears caused by this?

Will definitely be taking readings every month from now on, lesson learned in that aspect.

Looking at my account the 2 estimates have been deleted at the moment, so they must be working on something.

Ah, maybe you’ll get an updated bill then. I have seen that claim made on the website but never heard of anyone actually getting a corrected bill.

Even if your account is in debt, I’d just leave it since you know it’s wrong. If Bulb say they want to increase your direct debit, just ignore that too. You’re in full control of the payment amount via the dashboard.

So sound like you’re familiar with your usage and how much you need to pay, so I’d try not to worry too much.

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Will keep a close eye on it, thank you for the reply, appreciate it :slight_smile: