Estimate reading, but have smart meter!

Why do I always get an estimate reading when I have a Smart meter installed, WTF is going on :roll_eyes:

Perhaps your Smart Meter is not sending readings to Bulb?

Surely they should look into it as I have told them about this 4 months ago, not good service at all.

If you do a search of the forum you will find this is common sort of issue. Have you been asked to supply any manual readings?

Oh ok, just joined. Yes every month I have to submit a reading from the Smart meter.

Hi @Goonerkev, welcome to Community!

You have a first generation smart meter. At the moment, these are typically only smart to the supplier that installed them. We are hoping to start being able to access your meter soon, but you’ll get an email about that when its going to happen. For now, please carry on submitting manual readings please.


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Thank you for the info.