Estimate readings after actuals submited

Hi, on 24thMarch I have submited my meter reads but my statement is based on estimate reads even knowhing I have provided my readings. My bil was also based on estimate? Can someone explain me why this has happened and if there is any point of submiting the reads when bills are based on estimate anyway??? Thanks!

this FAQ suggests, reading between the lines, that you need to submit readings within two days of your billing date, else they will use an estimate.

When i spoke witb someone on the phone previously I was advised to submit the meter reads 5-7 days before the billing date as this will vive enough of time fir them to bild the acurate bill… confused to ve honest now…

Hi @justina9, thanks for writing in about this. It’s an important question.

If you submit a meter read five days before your bill, in order to create a closing read we will: 1) use that actual read and + 2) add an amount of usage that we estimate to have occurred between your read and the end of the billing period. For this reason, while the closing read might technically be an “estimate”, it’s heavily based on your actual read.

As long as you submit reads monthly, the estimates will stay pretty accurate. (Actually, even submitting reads quarterly keeps the estimates pretty accurate.) I’m an Energy Specialist at Bulb, but I’m also a customer, and I must admit that I submit meter reads “every occasionally” rather than “every month”. :slight_smile:

P.S. @loveit is correct that if you submit a meter read 1 or 2 days before your bill, we will use that read as your closing read.