Estimated annual usage way higher than it should be?

I keep track of my monthly usage in Excel from my bills. My usage over the past 12 months was 1703 kwh. For all of 2021 it was 1713 kwh. Yet you estimate it will be 2788 kwh for the coming 12 months. That’s almost a 63% increase over my usage taken from my bills?? According to my calculations anyway. Why would I be using that much more electricity?? Exactly how are your estimates calculated?

I have no issue in paying you exactly what I use each month by DD. Can I switch my method of payment so I pay by DD for what I actually use each month, based on the same tariff I am currently on? This would resemble the logical way I paid my energy bills before privatisation resulted in such a wildly fragmented market!

What I object to is paying you an extra £20-30 a month based on your incomprehensible calculations so you can keep it in YOUR bank account instead of it being in mine where it belongs. It seems to me you are padding the monthly DD for your own benefit and I can imagine it will take some doing for me to get any credit owed to me back from you.

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Hi Johny,

I noticed the same thing.
What I do is change my direct debit depending on my bills. I do this from the Bulb app.
This is very easy to do and as long you don’t go below what your bills are, I think you should be fine.

You can also top up your account from the app if you are below what the actual bill is.

I have also read that there other ways to pay your bills, like BACS. You have to let them know that you want to do this and the direct should be cancelled and then you pay after receiving your bill.

Hope this helps.

“Exactly how are your estimates calculated?”

They’re obviously still using the steam powered computational random number generating contraption they got in a Christmas cracker. :laughing:


Thanks for your reply. Yes I know that, but at the time i posted my comment I was unable to access the Change Payment dialogue. Now I can. Not sure what that’s all about.

Happened to me too, it’s so they can try and claim more monthly payments from you. It’s so difficult to contact them too, takes days for them to return your request.