Estimated Bill Confusion

The best way to make sure your statement is created from actual readings is to submit a meter reading on the day that we send you the email letting you know that we’re taking your next payment in a few days.

I have received an estimated bill. However, the advice given above is ambiguous;. I received an email entitled “Hello from Bulb - your bulb account update” with an attached statement. Is this the email whereby I am supposed to enter readings that day? I am not convinced my bill will be recalculated upon this email (the only time I know i am about to be billed) - or is there another warning mail before this one telling me to provide readings?.

Please don’t tell me about natural adjustment of bills with ereadings - I know that. I just want accurate usage bills every month.



The process is quite simple to get an accurate bill.

Bulb send you an email a couple of days before the statement is prepared which says:

Just so you know, your monthly payment of £** will come out of your bank account in three days.

If you’d like us to calculate your monthly statement using your actual usage, send us a meter reading today or tomorrow. No worries if you can’t, we’ll use an estimated reading instead.

If you send your meter reading as requested you will get an accurate bill.

If you don’t send a meter reading at the right time it will result in an estimated bill.

So have you follow that process?