Estimated bill

Hi. I got my bill today and see that you have estimated my usage. I give you a reading every Monday morning to ensure that you have an up to date usage for bill purposes and so I don’t get charged more than I should. Your estimate is way more than my reading will be when I submit it tomorrow. So how do I get back the amount you have basically overcharged me on my bill for your wrong estimated usage?

Hi @sarah4686 whenever you give us a reading, that overwrites any estimates so all you need to do is keep giving meter readings and your bills will be accurate.

When we create a statement, if we have an actual reading from the last 3 days we can use that to create it. If we don’t we have to use an estimate for the usage since the last time we got a meter reading. We don’t create the estimates, another organisation in the energy industry creates them, so we can’t directly make them more sensible for you, but as you keep submitting readings it will learn how much you use and they’ll become more sensible over time.

The best way to make sure your statement is created from actual readings is to submit a meter reading on the day that we send you the email letting you know that we’re taking your next payment in a few days.