Estimated bills still way out after eighteen months

I am a tenant in a flat where I have lived for just shy of eighteen months. I have sent regular readings, about once a fortnight, and yet Bulb are still estimating my electric usage way above my own usage because the previous tenant used loads. Mine has been constant within a pound or two for eighteen months, yet despite emails, chats and even a phone call, I cannot seem to get through to them that they need to amend my estimate bill. I cannot set up a direct debit because of this, so it is costing me money as I pay monthly once I have my bill. Has anyone else had this issue? Surely I am not the only one?

If Bulb are using estimates it’s maybe because you’re not submitting readings at the correct time. You need to submit readings a day or two before your statement date in order for them to be used on your bill.

Yes I am, doesn’t make any difference.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Screw you then. I hope bulb make your life a misery.

Hi @Buzyizzy

I hope you are well, I can see that your statements are generated on 15th to the 14th each month. If you could provide readings either on 14th or 15th for more up to date reads these should make your statements more accurate. Your bills will automatically update every month to your usage if you are providing readings. We have many method of communication if you are not able to reach us over the phone. Please contact us via social media ( Twitter, facebook and instagram) or use our live chat facility .

–Suki :hibiscus: