Estimated bills

I always put my meter readings in a couple days before the bill is due as requested by bulb. So really I should get a bill that is accurate, so this month have you estimated it today and potentially charged me more?
Really really dont like the estimated charge, I work hard to keep my Bill’s down and to put in readings regularly so I dont get an estimated bill!

I’m having exactly the same issue. I woke up this morning to enter my accurate reading and was surprised to see that Bulb had beaten me to it with a way over the top estimated reading.
I, like yourself, work really hard to keep my bills down at home. I’ve not been at home much in the last 6 weeks due to holidays so my usage has been minimal, yet the estimated readings don’t reflect that.

I’ve switched , fed up with bulb incompetence and excuses

I have smart meters and they’re still using estimated readings. At some point they’ll ask me to put a reading in. I’ll charge them £110 for an hour of my time. That’s how “SMART” their meters are!!!

Hi @Melly74 ,

I’ve had a look at your readings and it looks like you may have submitted this a little earlier than usual and so we’ve estimated the last couple of days. This will of course be based on the reading you submitted.

The best time to submit a reading is when you receive our payment reminder about 2 to 3 days before you bill, this will ensure that the bill finishes on your reading and then runs from reading to reading without including estimates.

Of course we can retrospectively submit readings and adjust bills if you need them changed. @DanM if you submit an up to date reading your usage (or lack thereof) will be updated and your balance will reflect the fact that you’ve been away and using very little.