Estimated final bill!

I have just received my final bill from Bulb
I provided as requested my new supplier with start readings on July 1st. I also entered those readings on my Bulb account on that date, though my actual start date appears to be July 3rd.
Today only 19 days later, not the 6+ weeks I expected, Bulb have sent my final bill - great service I think - but no they have provided a final gas bill with an estimated final reading!
They have used the supplied electricity reading as my final reading but have decided to add 10m3 of gas to my final gas bill as an “estimate”, why!
I am not a newby at switching suppliers, this switch is number 8 or 9 in about 13 years but I have never had an estimated final bill, start/finish readings have always been provided.
I have waited for 6+ weeks for final bills and if queried was always told that he delay was due to third party verification.
I will be very surprised if my new supplier adds 10m3 to my supplied reading before starting to charge me for gas.

Notwithstanding the fact of an estimated final bill, the estimate of 5m3 per day in July is laughable. I may use 5m3/day in late March not in July.

Hi @Somerpark

Sorry to hear that you’ve switch away.

It’s frustrating that the meter reading is estimated, especially if you gave your new supplier the meter reading. Unfortunately, we’re not in control of whether we use an actual or estimated meter reading.

When meter readings are passed between suppliers, they are checked by an independent regulator. If they think your meter readings don’t look quite right, they’ll change them. It is unusual to change it by just 10m3 though!

Both Bulb and your new supplier must use the adjusted meter reading, we’re regulated to do so. This means that you will never pay for energy twice. And we’re not able to dispute the meter reading either because it’s too few units.

I’m sorry that we’re unable to help with this. We understand this frustration - it seems a bit silly to change it by 10 units…

We’d love for you to stay in touch - even if it’s to say hi on Community now and then.

All the best,
Eleanor and the Team.

Thanks @“Eleanor at Bulb” for the prompt reply and clarification. The use of the term estimate was the thing that threw me.
The third party regulators estimate will cost me about 50p so no peanuts for me at the pub tonight.
Thanks again I may be back.