Estimated gas meter readings in spite of having smart meters


My gas meter readings have been estimated ones since February, even though I have smart meters installed.

My usage indicates that a smart reading was received a few days before the estimated one in Feb, but that was the only and last time a smart meter reading was received for gas.

Could someone have a dig into this please?

I have submitted a manual reading for now - the only one this year, since I was informed earlier in the year that the smart meters were both up and running OK.

Smart meter readings for electricity are working fine.


Hi @Rambumctio,

Congrats on creating your first post and a warm welcome to Bulb community :partying_face:

So I just took a look into your account and I too see your electricity smart readings are coming through just fine, but your gas aren’t :thinking:

After looking around on your account on our back-end systems, I see that your meter technical details weren’t loaded into our systems correctly. I have just corrected them now, your gas meter has been sending us readings this whole time (which is great news).

I’ve just added your latest smart meter reading from today (12/11/20) so now your billing is all up-to-date, apologies if your old bills came through again. Don’t worry you will never get charged twice for the same period, I had to reversion them in order to fix the issue.

Do let me know if you have any further issues though :relaxed:

Hey Trevor, that is great, thanks very much for digging into that, great service.

All good :slight_smile: