Estimated Gas Reading

What is the problem with Bulb and gas meter readings? Firstly my gas account is delayed and now my 1st monthly gas meter read doesn’t show and MyBulb shows an estimate some 3 days after the submitted read.

I suspect Bulb may have a little bug in the system, but it’s mainly to do with Project Nexus -

Thanks Droitwich. When I was a kid a man would come to the house armed with a clipboard, pencil and rubber torch. 3 days later my parents would receive a gas bill. Here in 2018 we have to have smoothing software because it is too expensive to employ meter readers - progress. I did submit a reading immediately I noticed the problem and it registered instantly. Good job the price is right or I would be off. The availability of the customer service team is not great and there does seem to be an awful lot of teething problems. I couldn’t give a jot where the electricity comes from because ultimately market forces will prevail.

I have some sympathy with your view on Nexus @keith, though I have found the service availability exemplary.
On the question of gas readings, it must surely be only a tiny percentage of readings which fail verification/validation. Efficiency and customer perception and satisfaction would perhaps be better if gas readings were accepted and applied in the same way as electric - retrospective correction being applied in the small number of cases necessary.

This from another company, yes it can be frustrating until it gets sorted out but I take the view its better your utility company deal with it rather than me having to chase them up with phone calls and emails, if there are any disputes they will deal with it.

.............."Opening and closing energy accounts is a little more complicated than just asking for your opening or closing readings as several parties are involved. Whether you’re joining or leaving, let us explain the process so you know why your final statement might take a little while to come through.

When you sign up, we ask for your electricity and gas opening readings to check them against your meter reading history. It’s what all energy suppliers do.

Your electricity and gas opening readings are checked by different companies. So, when your validated readings are returned to us and your old supplier, they might not come back together. However, both readings should come back within 6 weeks.

As soon as your old supplier gets your validated readings, they’ll send out your final statements. But you might get one before the other – your final electricity statement before your final gas statement, and vice versa."…

@keith Apologies for the delay in the readings. It is a indeed a result of Project Nexus. It will be something that we hope will improve over time and become more efficient. However for now we recommend sending the readings into us 2 days before your bill is due. This means the readings should always be included in the account.

@DanP at Bulb The reading I submitted on the 18 Dec has now showed up in readings submitted. The estimated reading is dated 21 Dec a day before the statement date. So is everything working correctly now or do I have to submit a gas reading even earlier?

@keith I would recommend sending us the read a little later. I’d go with the 19th or 20th and that will be the final read in the month.