Estimated meter reading number is incorrect


I am living in the property apartment 5, archer house, 3 John street, Sk13fx. I have been moved this property on 18-apr-2019. The Letting agency shared me the meter reading number 06695 as on 3-may-2019. Please see the attached picture.
Now, problem statement is: the shown estimated meter reading number is 05409 as on 24-apr-2019. It is a incorrect. Average usage is 500 per month. Electricity usage shows 1200 from 18-apr-2019 to 03-may-2019. It is unfair. So, Would you please send the revised bill statement.



Do you realise you have posted to a community forum which is seen by many customers? You really need to remove your personal details and contact the Bulb team direct.

Out of interest why didn’t the letting agent take a reading on 18 April the date you moved in?