Estimated meter readings - smart meter

Why am I getting statements with estimated meter readings, when I joined Bulb with an installed smart meter?

Do you have a SMETS1 or SMETS2 smart meter? When was it fitted?

I have exactly the same issue. My smart meter has packed up and they refuse to replace it. They said that they don’t need the smart meter to work to get the reading. I also cannot get to my day/night settings on the electricity meter to check if their estimated bill is correct. Their response? Ask the community. when challenged on that they said I need to call them and then go through the meter settings. More time off work.

I’m afraid I’m struggling to follow this.

It this a SMETS2 smart meter installed by Bulb?

Is it your actual smart meter that’s broken, or the In Home Display? It’s true that the IHD is not required to work for the meter itself to continue uploading readings. No energy supplier would refuse to replace an actual broken meter, if you really do mean the meter itself.

Why can’t you get manual readings directly from the meter? Clearly fobbing you off with an estimated bill isn’t good enough, but there should be no reason you can’t take manual readings just like you used to do. If it’s a SMETS1 meter installed by a previous supplier then it’s unlikely to be readable by any other supplier for another 12-18 months.

Hi - thanks for response. I don’t know whether SMETS 1 or 2. It was fitted around July of last year with the new supply connection - it’s a new build house that I completed in September.

Most likely SMETS1 in which case Bulb (or any supplier that isn’t the one that fitted it) wont be able to read it yet. Plenty of info in the news about issues regarding switching supplier with SMETS1 meters if you take a look.

Yes it was installed by Bulb… The smart meter display isn’t working, I have absolutely no idea of the model of it. SMETS2 or 1. It keeps switching itself on and off. I have been through the process of leaving it on for 48 hours so their engineers can fault find on it but obviously as it on and off and will not connect to the internet they cannot do anything about it. I have tried to use the A and B buttons on the meter itself to get to the meter readings but only ever shows a single Kw usage when I am on a day/night tarriff

This is a common problem that Bulb are dealing with slowly. I think you have no choice but to wait it out until there’s a proper fix and everything is working properly. Not ideal of course. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as asking Bulb to just press the “fix all the problems” button and it’ll start working.

I think it shows only the rate that’s active, so you need to take the reading twice once during the day and once again after the night rate has started. Again, not ideal I know. On my smart meter (installed by a difference supplier and not the same model as used by Bulb) I can easily see all the different usage registers by cycling through the options. It’s not a great user interface from the manufacturer supplying Bulb.

Thank you. I never thought of looking at the kw during the different time periods. Ill have a look later. I understood that there was an issue with the display units failing to display the actual usage but its the switching on and off that I thought they would react to. I am paying for a service using equipment they have supplied so I believe I am quite within my rights to expect it to be replaced.

There’s certainly a good argument for that. The supplier owns and operates the actual meter, but it’s not clear who owns the IHD and what the process is regarding replacing it when it fails. Assuming the constant rebooting is actually a failure and not just a symptom of the network communication problems that will eventually be resolved. Whether you’ve got the desire or energy to go into battle over it is up to you. Personally, I’m stubborn enough to probably kick off and keep hassling them until they replace it.

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