Estimated Meter Readings

I note that the opening readings for my Account were estimated Day 11260 Night40728 although my actual readings sent on the 28th June were
Day 11258 Night40681 . I spoke to Fareed at Bulb on 9th July and he said it would sort itself out ,I also explained that my meter readings would be low because my Flat was not at present occupied by me on a regular basis due to my ill health… However for July ,August &September I did send regular actual readings by telephone but you disregarded those and have been over estimating my usage. .My September 28thActual readings were Day11327 Night 40713…the Night reading still less than Opening reading, so since June there has been very little usage. Please be kind enough to sort out my Account, as four direct debit payments of £27-91 have been taken … There will be Low readings for a while longer so only Actual Readings should be used…, and a refund of excess payments should be made…Thanks for your help,
Patrick Cunnell

Hi there @patricun thanks for getting in touch about this, I’ve added in those September 28th actual readings and redone your bills to take them into account. The next set of actual readings should go in without a problem, and will be used on the next bill.