Estimated Reading Always Higher than Real Reading

Hi there,

I’ve been using Bulb for a few months now and my estimated readings are always much higher than the actual readings I submit. I take photos of my readings each time I submit them so I have these recorded properly.

It doesn’t seem to make any difference though no matter how many times I submit a meter reading you are still charging me for the estimated readings and not the real ones. It doesn’t show up anywhere on my bulb that I have submitted a reading and that it’s lower than your estimation.

Please help with this as you are over charging me.



It can be down to timing, there is a window of days (I think 3) whereby they use your submitted readings, if outwith that it defaults to estimates.
You should receive an email when the readings are required.

@MelDuthie, I believe that you want to submit meter readings 2 or 3 days before your bill/payment date to have them used rather than the estimated reading.

The readings you submit are always taken into account, but if you submit a week before, there will be week of estimate (which is often higher, sadly nothing Bulb can do about this as it’s an industry standard thing) stuck on top of your reading.

@MelDuthie Ursula, another member of our experience team- is on the case for your readings- expect an email today. The problem is to do with your switch readings.

In general, @mowcius and @scudo are right. If you submit readings close to the end of the statement period, we will use these and not generate an estimate.

Estimates are generated using a yearly consumption figure generated by a third party as mowcius states. This figure will get more accurate the more you submit meter readings