Estimated Reading on Smart Meter?

So, at last, Bulb say they are getting readings from my Smart meter. They do so every 30 minutes if I remember correctly. On 7th August they used the Smart meter reading for my monthly bill. On September 7th (today) they have used an estimated reading.

Do I infer from this that the Smart meter has packed up again?

Mine took at least a month to settle down and now seems to at last send readings that are pretty near right for a month but my daily usage records are way off. It should settle down.

Hi @jenks1,

I’m really sorry about the estimated reading you received on your recent bill. We’ve managed to pull a reading from your smart meter and I’ve just sent you out a corrected bill based on the smart reads.

Going forward all your bills will be based off your smart readings but if there’s ever an issue please don’t hesitate to let us know :slightly_smiling_face:

Exactly the same here; remote (smart meter) readings last month but an estimate this month. Also my daily usage chart shows exactly the same daily usage each day which is clearly incorrect. That chart would be useful if it was actually correct.

Mine too. Without a working IHD, I was told by Bulb not to worry as I could get a view of my energy usage which would help me manage it down by using this chart. I think not!

I don’t have any confidence that the national infrastructure project to convert to Smart Metering is not driven entirely by a random end date set by people who would have no other role in the endeavour except to claim their success no matter how dire the outcome.

As a result, energy companies have been forced to install a sub-optimum solution (in terms of equipment, data collection and process engineering) with sleight of hand funding faster than necessary or prudent and at the expense of future-proofing. Those responsible for this have managed to create a text-book example of snatching defeat from the jaws of success.

The energy companies are not entirely to blame here - except that I’ve seen little evidence that they push back hard enough nor publicly enough on the ignorance of their masters - I guess that cannot be in their short-term interest though, nationally, it would be in everyone’s long-term interest.

Because even a mediocre national project requires trust in delivery of objectives, truth in the delivery of progress reporting and clear accounting for cost/benefit from its management, the UK government should never be allowed to project manage anything.

I suspect this is not the first time they have cocked-up something quite so important to the country’s future and for which we will have to pay, possibly as much again, to remediate the dog’s dinner they’ve conjured into existence.

I cannot resist asking my MP for an explanation and will be doing so in short order.

Hi @chrisg3zdm, firstly welcome to the Bulb community :wave:

I can see that your meter reading intervals are set to half-hourly on your Bulb account, but your usage graphs aren’t correctly updating. I’m going to check this with our Smart team, as this needs to be set to half-hourly from their end too. If it isn’t, do I have your consent to change this?

Likewise for you, @jenks1, do I have permission to change your meter reading intervals to half-hourly so that we can hopefully get your usage graphs working too?

Yes, you have my permission…

Chris Muriel

Yes, indeed. Mine also!

Hi @jenks1 and @chrisg3zdm

Thank you. Your accounts have now both been requested to be swapped to half hourly.

I emailed the tech dept just over 6 weeks ago regards estimated reading when I have a smart meter, they said a reboot may resolve the issue, unfortunately my latest reading was still estimated, maybe my account has the above issue too?

You have my permission to change mine to 1/2 hourly readings if required.

Hi @Moman and welcome to our community :bulb:

I’ve now updated your account to half hourly. It was set on monthly before so we can check in on this early next week and see if we’re starting to get smart readings as expected.

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Hi Noah, Thanks for the welcome and info, is there any way I would know how often and if the smart is reporting correctly?
Thanks again

Hi @Moman - you should be able to see this in your Bulb account here ( once the readings hopefully start coming through to us :slight_smile:

Thanks Jim, Hopefully see readings next week.

I have read this thread with interest - Since July, my bill has been based on estimated readings. Is my smart meter no longer working?

Hey @MMcA Thanks for flagging this with us & welcome to Bulb Community :wave:

We’ve stopped receiving readings for both meters over the last few months, but can hopefully reestablish our connection to your smart meters by changing the reading frequency.

Please could you set your readings to daily here

Thank you. I have done this now.


12 days on and still no usage charts showing in app or online.

Good evening,
Still no indication that the meter is working, another estimated bill, surely an engineer visit is needed, also the original email support is now being ignored.


Same here…smart reading then 1st Sept, but only estimated reading taken 1st Oct???