Estimated reading

What is the point of me sending meter readings every month if you are putting estimate readings and use them to generate my bill instead of actual meter readings that I have sent you.

Hi @Deltasquadjames ,

Are you sending in meter readings when requested via email (i.e. around 2-3 days before your bill is produced). If the readings are provided too early/late, then Bulb will have to estimate a portion of the bill anyway (for the additional days). I ensure I at least provide that reading, but I do sometimes try and provide a couple of others during the month (time/weather permitting) just to help ‘nudge’ the estimator into the right direction if I do miss a reading.

Or are Bulb just ‘ignoring’ the meter readings (i.e. they aren’t showing up in the ‘Last reading’ section or detailed on your bill - the bill should show the last 4 readings given since the last bill)? If so, then there is some difference between the readings your are providing at what Bulb and/or the ‘third party meter verification company’ (which all meter readings are sent to) are expecting… In this case, just drop Bulb an email via and they’ll be able to look into your case.