Estimated reading

I’ve recently switched. I gave both my gas and electricity readings but only the electricity reading says actual.

Does the gas say estimated?
It could be they are still waiting on confirmation from a 3rd party on your leave / start gas readings.

Heya @Luisa2669

I can see that you gave your gas meter reading of 12637 but we used an estimate of 12670.

When you give us your opening meter reading, we send it over to your previous supplier. On the way, it is checked by an independent party.

Sometimes they change the meter reading if they don’t think it is correct. Oddly, they have only changed it by 43 units. We’re unable to get it changed as it is not more than 100 units out. Sorry about that - it’s frustrating, especially when you took the time to submit your reading.

This mean you’ll owe your previous supplier a little more but us a little less.