Estimated readings and a smart meter

I’ve had estimated bills for the past 3 months in spite of having a smart meter installed about 6 months ago and having smart readings until 3 months ago. Needless to say, the estimated readings are higher than actual readings and very good for overstating the value of Bulb to potential investors if this practice is endemic. A bit of truth from the Administrators would be welcome, or if the central computer cannot accept my smart meter reading let me know the reason why.

Good morning, customer here, have you tried submitting manual readings 3 days before the date of your statement/ direct debit?

If they don`t have readings because the smart meter stopped working, they will estimate and of course, your bill will be higher.

Thanks for that comment. I submitted a reading after seeing the last bill and fully intend to submit another reading 3 days before the next bill is due. As far as the smart meter is concerned, there has been no attempt by Bulb to inform me it isn’t working. In fact, it is working because I can see it is, and the remote digital readout is displaying okay. Obviously, I do not know whether the readings are being fed wirelessly through the smart energy network and being received by Bulb. You may, or may not, understand the workings of business economics, but it would be interesting to know if many other customers have found that they are suddenly getting overstated estimated readings during the summer months instead of smart meter readings. That would indicate that my suspicion of sales being overstated to help attract buyers of the business is correct.

Hi Martin, if you do a search on this forum, you might or not find lots of other topics on the subject :slight_smile:

I was trying to be helpful and didnt expect your reply which I dont like…

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We’re unable to talk to your meters right now due to a connection issue with the Communications Hub (comms hub) which sits on top of your electricity meter. This hub is the part of your meter setup that sends readings to Bulb and to your in-home display. Your in-home display may be repeatedly restarting because of this.

We’ve requested for your comms hub to be remotely rebooted, which usually helps re-establish the connection.

If you live in or South of Manchester, the reboot will be complete in 2-3 weeks. If you’re North of Manchester, it will be six weeks.

Your smart meters and IHD should go back to normal after the reboot completes. If you don’t see any improvement after this time, please reply to this email and I’ll check up on the reboot request for you.

In the meantime, please send us manual readings to make sure your statements are accurate. If you’re not sure how to read your smart meter, please follow our guide.

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Suki :hibiscus:

Hi Suki

Thanks for that information. I will look out for the meter returning to normal functionality.

For your information, my smart meter is still showing me current usage, as well as cost information.

I am also having the same issue with my Smart Meter. It’s not been sending readings. Can i also request a reboot please?

My smart has not worked for over 3 years now,all they keep saying we will reboot your meter, it has been booted about 30 times still dose not work and can’t give me a proper answer wish l ever changed to smart waist of time.

I have 2 Bulb accounts. Both started off okay by submitting readings automatically. One of these was more important to me as it is a holiday let and it saved me going to do meter readings. For over 12 months the automatic readings stopped being sent. I have sent various emails to Bulb over the months, sometimes with a response and sometimes without. The worst case was a reply saying that an engineer had been sent to my meters on a specific day but that had obviously not sorted it and they would contact me the next week a arrange another visit. I checked my CCTV for the day the engineer supposedly visited me and only the postman came that day (and I suspect he hasn’t got a sideline as a Bulb engineer). Further, nobody contacted me to arrange a further ‘visit’. I wrote back again highlighting the downfalls (or at worst lies) and said I would take if further if I didn’t get a resolution. You can probably guess the rest… no reply. Does anyone know of an outside body that controls the behaviour/customer service of energy supplier? It’s really quite awful