Estimated Readings

Hi, We had our first statement over the weekend. Since joining, we have submitted 3 readings so that you can gauge how much electric we use - we don’t use much.

In the above image, it shows that based on actual readings we used 28 kWHr in 17 days, your estimated reading then assumes that we used 90 kWHr in the 13 days that followed? I would have assumed your estimation algorithm would have interpolated the readings? How does it work? We have since added an actual meter reading to show that we have used 328 kWHr.

Its no big deal and we are happy for it to be corrected on the next statement, we are just interested into how you work out estimated readings, does the algorithm get ‘smarter’ the longer we are with you?


Hi @gphillips interesting question. The algorithm used to calculate the estimates is largely based on one factor, your properties estimated annual consumption or “EAC”. This is a figure that is common to your property despite changes in supplier, and is used for settlement purposes (so we know how much electricity to buy) and it is provided to the energy supplier. This figure updates about 2 weeks after every reading you submit based on the most up to date data.

When generating estimates on your bill, we use the EAC to figure out how much electricity you may use per day, adjusted for the time of the year. As everyone’s usage profile is quite different, this is where some inaccuracy can appear in the estimates.

The best way to ensure no estimates make their way onto the bill is to submit them 1-3 days before the bill is generated - this is when we send the payment reminder. But, as you say, this will all catch up with itself next bill.

When I was with EON if they used an estimated reading and it was too high, say I had been away, then I could at that point submit the meter reading and they would then redo the bill using the correct reading. This seems to me to be a better way of operating. Last month I submitted the readings when reminded as Euan pointed out, but the bill estimated the next two days which then added much more than I had used. I am not sure why they did not use the reading I submitted. Euan says that estimates are based on the properties estimated annual consumption, but Bulb says regular readings keep the account on track. The algorithm does not look at individual accounts so regular readings do not seem to be taken into account. The sooner we get smart meters the sooner this will be solved. In the meantime, do consider resending a corrected bill using our readings when your estimates are too high.