Estimated Usage since removing storage heaters

Hi all. We recently got out storage heaters taken out and had gas put into our property. We were using 22000kWh per year with the storage heaters so it was a no brainer to go to gas. A combi boiler was installed in November and I have been giving weekly meter readings (cannot get smart meter due to brown gas box in ground) and the estimated annual usage is slowly coming down, but I was wondering if there was any way this could be sped up? With the prices due to shoot up, I would like to make sure my annual usage is as accurate as possible to ensure I’m not overpaying by too much (the DD is currently £420 a month!). The estimated electrical usage has so far gone down to 13400kWh but I have estimated our annual usage will be more like 7000kWh from now. My estimated gas usage hasn’t changed from 20600kWh which is when the gas account was set up.

Hey @scrog1

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With estimated annual consumption (EAC) we get these updated via the industry every few months so its really important to keep updating your meter reads, unfortunately this cannot be sped up however the more reads we get the more accurate furture EAC’s will be.

Bulb will amend a general statement to a customer read if it does use an estimate so continue to add reads before your bill date so it remains accurate. Over the year you will notice the estimated consumption go down.

–Carl :bulb: