Estimated v my reported usage

I have a question on the usage if anyone can help. We submitted a reading along with photographs and on the meter reading page they haven’t taken that value into account and still show estimated read values from May? it has been about a month since we submitted them and have received at least one email saying our payments are going up and but the usage numbers haven’t changed.

How long does it take Bulb to update that section?


Purely as another customer and to better understand your query. Have you only submitted one meter reading since May, and was the reading submitted at the correct time (i.e. one or two days before the statement date)?

I myself had questions over estimates and submitted readings, but I have been lucky that both are nearly the same. I telephone my readings in now rather than using the website, just to hear someone say to me they are in OK.
I have the time to do this every month and am told the submitted totals will be the ones used if they are sent within the few days before the bills due date . (more accurate time to send in shown on bill)
I continue to watch and check my every month bill, and happy to say bulb have kept things up-to-date.

Hi all,

Sorry for the late response. I have done several meter readings but none are showing up since and estimated in May, despite attaching pictures to the readings as well. As of today it still hasn’t been updated