My current payment is £90. I’ve had 2 recent messages on statements saying I could reduce this to,firstly, £77 and, a few days later, £81. At a similar time I my statement indicated my average monthly usage was £97… which is nonsense. It would be good to get more accurate information and improve the graphics and info of energy usage.
The App is pointless. No information. Lot of room for improvement.

I’ve always took the average monthly usage to be the average monthly bill based on your estimated energy over the next 12 months. I didn’t think it means the average you have paid to date or over a period.

Perhaps the wording could be made clear on the site?

I don’t actually use the information myself as I retain my own spreadsheet of anticipated monthly usage and costs

Hi there @Cooljoe the average usage is indeed averaged over the next 12 months, as @Allanr says, definitely something we could make more clear. The recommended payment also takes any credit/debit already in your account into the calculation, e.g. if you have some referral credit then it’ll recommend a payment that’s lower than your average usage to use up that credit. Maybe that’s what’s going on here?