Estmated vs customer reading

Depending on when I submit my (customer) readings, bulb’s software then makes a guesstimate (estimated reading) as to what the reading might be on my “official” read date (11th of the month). This may useful for bulb’s boffins, but it’s not useful to me and is confusing (e.g. last month’s estimated gas reading was higher than this month’s customer reading!). Do we punters need to see the estimated figures - could they be hidden?

Good question @willmow. We want our statements to be as transparent as possible, so you can see how we’ve calculated the figure we have.

We need to send you out a bill each month so that you have an indication of the energy you have used (hence why if we have no readings we use the estimate). As a result, we want to include those figures on your bill.

Any overestimates we make are credited back on the next bill. So if we charged a £50 statement but you only used £40, we’ll credit £10 back on the next bill. It may take a little while to get used to but it’s the most accurate way we can show your use at this time :slight_smile: (it’ll all change with smart meters!)

I understand, but I submit readings when reminded, which is some three days before the “official” read date, so the difference between my reading and the estimated one is minimal enough as to make no substantive difference. Suggestion: maybe there should be no estimated calculation if the customer responds within a certain time window.
As for “crediting back”, that’s a whole grey area there. I’m some £200 in credit and have never had a credit suggested. I understand that bulb needs to smooth out the peaks and troughs of cashflow to be able to offer us low prices, but suggestion: maybe there should be an automated crediting system whereby an amount is credited back to the customer once a threshold is reached. Just a thought.