EV and Export Tariff

Hi, will Bulb be doing an export SEG tariff, and even better could they offer one with a low EV night time tariff.

Bulb support SEG, as “Export Payments”.

The export contract is independent of your supply contract (but does require a smart meter), so you could have an Economy 7 smart meter fitted, and have both the features you’re asking for.

Info here:

(note upcoming changes!)

Hi @Bry1

Thank you @stevefoster for your insight! :bulb:

Yes, we do offer SEG. You can see more information and sign up for on our website. :sun_with_face:

From 1 April 2021, we’ll pay you every 6 months, and the amount we’ll pay will change to:

• our exclusive rate of 5.57p per kWh if Bulb supplies your energy

• our standard rate of 3p per kWh if you get your energy from another supplier

We are also launching an EV tariff, you can sign up for updates on this. :oncoming_automobile:

I hope that answers your questions :smiley:


With costs due to got up by 50% shortly will the SEG rate increase according?

It would be nice if that happened, but I’d be very suprised if it did, since the SEG rate is not tied to the price we pay for electricity (but energy suppliers are competing for your output, so it’s a commercial decision).