EV charger and fuse box

Hello, Bulb community.
I have just had an EV charger fitted.
The fitter said that even though the fuse box is labelled as 100A, they measure to as 60/80A.
Anyone else had that?
They say Bulb will sort it.
No chat support available at weekend.
Any help or ideas?


Hey @ojrackham,

Thanks for getting in touch with us and I’m super happy to hear you’ve got an EV charger fitted! Sorry that you couldn’t get through to one of our members of staff over the weekend, our normal operating hours are between Monday to Friday (9-6pm)

So the standard amperage for a residential home is 100A, slightly older homes usually average between 40A-80A.

Getting a fuse upgrade is a job for your electricity distributor, I checked your account and so that would be the responsibility of Scottish Power, their number is 0330 101 0444 if you’d like to give them a ring :relaxed:

But something we can do is upgrade the meter tails to manage a higher amperage (80A to 100A), this is something our meter operators are responsible for and this will cost £120 sadly (this is the face value cost that goes directly to Siemens).

Hope this all helps @ojrackham!

How would I go about getting the tails upgraded?

Trevor - I am a bit unsure what I have to do here.
On the fuse box it says that it is 100A.
But the EV charger fitter said that it isn’t.

I am not sure who is right?

How do I find that out?

Hiya @ojrackham :wave:, if your fitter has measured and recorded 60/80A then that would be correct. Pop us an email to help@bulb.co.uk with an image of your meter showing the wires at the bottom. We’ll be able to book you an appointment for the tails to be upgraded on your meter


I have sent photos already.

It is the fuse cut/off (small black box) which is 60/80A.

I have had an EV charger fitted, and so need the tails upgrading to 25mm (from 16mm).
I am told that there should be no charge for this - no other supplier would charge for this.

I was also told that you could do that as part of fitting a smart meter.

Thanks for your help.

I sent the photos on 30/11/2020 in reply to Isabella’s email which she sent following our on line chat.