EV charger rate still 18.3886p kWh as of today

We had you fit a smart meter weeks back
Also telling you we want you to place us on the EV tariff at the same time as requested new meters fitted
Meter fitted BUT
You didn’t contact us to say this meter wasn’t working correctly
“ not communicating with you “
In the meantime OVER THE WEEKS GONE BY
we continue to fill EV was at a rate of 20.306 per kWh
But as Iam checking on line ever day to see if you’ve got my
Tariff correct yet
We are now charging EV at 18.3886p per kWh
Which is also confusing
Because if we put postcode in to check tariff
We get 2 different prices per kWh
The whole idea is to be placed on the EV tariff to save not just the planet save our pockets

pence you promised IN YOUR ADDS
We also trying to ADD Our Car to your app
There are limited car makes on the app
and there no Vauxhall there to ADD ?
We doing a Lot of our chargers free at local Tesco
Until you sort things out

( apologies for the lengthy Rant
But I think people that are thinking coming to Bulb or going EV need to know the problem they going to have )

Hi @susancooper1, thanks for getting in touch and welcome to Bulb community :wave:

I can see that my colleague who has sent you an email a couple of days ago has been looking at this behind the scenes for you. You should now be able to sign up for our EV tariff, using the following link on your Bulb account: Bulb account

Would you be able to try this and let us know how you get on with this?

All the best,